How a VoIP Virtual Receptionist Can Help Your Small Business

A small business VoIP system can add functionality to your business’s communications in multiple ways. As you probably already know, a VoIP system is easier to integrate with other communications channels like chat. One of the more overlooked features of a small business VoIP system, however, is the virtual receptionist functionality. A virtual receptionist will let your callers know that they are valued, it can be customized to suit your business, and you can even add ring groups to avoid missed calls. Read on to learn more about the benefits your small business can see with the use of a VoIP virtual receptionist.

Callers Will Know That They Are Valued

One of the most important things that a VoIP virtual receptionist will do is to let your callers know that they are valued. Instead of being put on hold or getting a busy signal, callers will hear a welcome message and get the information they need to find the specific department they must speak to. This shows the customer that your business values their time.

A Virtual Receptionist Can Be Customized to Suit Your Business

Modern virtual receptionist programs can be customized thoroughly to suit your business. As previously mentioned, you can greet callers with a personalized message to welcome them and to reinforce your company’s brand. Perhaps more importantly, your virtual assistant can be customized to forward callers to the department they seek in the shortest possible amount of time. This will reduce the number of customers who get frustrated and hang up before they can speak to the right person.

You Can Add Ring Groups To Avoid Missed Calls

Ring groups are one of the newer developments in VoIP virtual assistant technology. Ring groups ensure that multiple employees can answer a call, which is important if you have multiple human receptionists. Ring groups can be set to ring simultaneously, which means that the call comes through to multiple team member’s devices at the same time. Alternatively, ring groups can be set to ring sequentially, with calls being automatically forwarded from unavailable employees to the next available associate.

Implementing a VoIP Virtual Receptionist

Implementing a VoIP virtual receptionist is best done by a professional service. This will ensure that your business can take advantage of all the functionality offered by the program, including features that they may not know how to set up by themselves. It is also a good idea for your business to secure ongoing service for your VoIP system, as these reliable systems do require occasional maintenance.