How Investing in Security will Save Your Business Money

When you look at the price tag of a cyber security system, you might think that it’s a luxury your business can do without. In fact, it is a necessity that could see you losing a lot more money if you don’t invest in reliable protection. Here are some of the reasons why investing in security will save your business money.

To keep your team working

One of the main ways in which investing in online security systems can save you money is by keeping your employees working throughout the day. If your computer system was to fall victim to a security attack, it’s highly likely that they’d need to step away from their desks for the rest of the day (or even longer) until an IT expert can work to make the system safe again. During that time, you will have wasted any wages that you have paid your staff as they won’t be able to complete the job you’ve asked them to do. You might even find yourself having to pay out more money to persuade them to work overtime to catch up on work.

To prevent this from happening, make sure every computer is as secure as possible when accessing the internet. You might think that downloading an anti-virus software onto each PC is enough, but it’s important that the whole network is protected at all times by a much stronger system. By installing an effective firewall, such as those provided by, you can make sure any new computer accessing your network is automatically protected. Just like the name suggests, a firewall is a virtual protective barrier around your computer network to prevent any attacks from reaching your system. You can even protect the computers of employees working at a remote location (like at home or away from the office) via a VPN. This means no matter what your employees are doing, your business is constantly protected from any attack.

To avoid missing important deadlines

As well as missing out on working hours, a cyber-attack could mean that you miss out on a lot of custom as well. Customers and clients want to pay for goods and services from a company that they know can deliver a high-quality product within a suitable timeframe. If a virus prevents your team from working, and you miss that deadline, you could find that the client looks elsewhere for somewhere to spend their money in the future. Some might say that the best way to avoid this is to make sure each task is completed before the deadline, but we all know that in some industries that isn’t possible. If you require your team to work up to the last few hours and minutes of every deadline, make sure they have a system that won’t let them down at the worst possible time.

To avoid hefty fines

Another way your business could lose money is by being forced to pay a fine. If your company holds personal or financial data about your customers or clients, and that information is stolen during a cyber-attack, you will find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Not only will you have to inform all of your customers about the breach, but you may also have to pay a big fine for breaching data protection laws.