How SEO and Business Growth Go Hand in Hand

Business owners trust in one thing above all – numbers. You give them the worth of your work in numbers, they understand how relevant your offer is to their business as a whole, then they make the decision to accept or reject your offer. However, when it comes to marketing and SEO, many business owners think of it as a grey area; they still want numbers, but they’re just not sure what these numbers really mean. Whether it’s the result of too much jargon, inexperienced marketers, or lack of effective results from previous contracts, let’s just say that many business owners don’t quite believe in SEO all that much. But the fact remains that SEO and business growth go hand-in-hand. Here are 9 ways SEO helps in growing your business.

Optimizing Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing, it’s always sold as something that your business needs to succeed – which is true, but it leaves you overwhelmed with all the aspects you need to invest in. Investing in SEO can seem like one more issue on your plate, but it’s the one thing that brings everything into perspective. Since SEO is technically a free tool that’ll give you access to the infinite pool of prospects using the search engines, you can utilize your marketing efforts better by focusing on SEO. Afterward, you’ll be able to combine all your marketing efforts into an optimized strategy that serves your business strategy better as well. 

Improving Authority

SEO helps you grow your business in many ways and through multiple steps. For starters, it forces you into actively expanding your brand and building valuable connections. One of the ways SEO helps you in doing so is through building a backlinking profile, which indicates the quality and strength of links referring to your website from other credible and trustworthy sites. While it’s normally a hassle to achieve, a strong backlinking profile can be simply achieved by following the SEO gurus recommendation at SEO Jet and using a backlinking software. A backlinking profile is an essential factor in building a website’s authority and using backlinking software gives all marketers a customized backlinking plan based on the latest industry insights. 

Building Credibility 

On the other hand, all of the efforts you’ll invest in SEO will be aimed at one final goal: building credibility and gaining your visitors’ trust. You’ll have to inspect the quality and credibility of your content, the design of your website, the infrastructure of your code, and the overall user experience you provide to all visitors. The stronger your credibility, the higher your rank, which translates into more visitors for your business. 

Reaching the Right Traffic

However, SEO isn’t just about getting more traffic; it’s about getting the right kind of traffic. Everyone knows that you can multiply the traffic you get by creating a paid ad, but the best thing about SEO is that your effort results in refining the traffic you get. By investing in SEO, you’ll ensure that your website is visited only by those interested in your services and products, which removes a huge hassle off your shoulders. This also gives your business a better exposure to a bigger audience, increasing the chances of fruitful deals. 

Increasing Conversion Rates

Reaching the right kind of traffic is crucial in optimizing your sales. Think about it, by reaching interested prospects, the probability of turning them into customers becomes higher when compared to reaching a general audience who aren’t interested. This means that, instead of turning X% of your general traffic into leads, SEO ensures that you can turn X% of all your traffic into leads, taking away one of the main variables in acquiring leads. Meanwhile, optimizing your website ensures a smoother customer journey, which is bound to reflect in your conversion rates as well. 

Positioning Your Brand

When you build your authority, credibility, and exposure, that means what you’re really doing is strengthening and positioning your brand. SEO helps you in positioning your brand among multiple communities: your customers, your clients, other business owners, and field experts. This image gives you the leverage of mutually beneficial partnerships, word-of-mouth, and accrediting testimonials that further serve in scaling up your brand. 

Getting Insights

However, SEO isn’t just about taking action. Perhaps the most valuable addition you can get from implementing SEO lies in the invaluable insights you get from scrutinizing your work. In order to implement the best strategy and stay up to date on the latest algorithm changes, you’ll have to study the market, the industry trends, your competition, and your customer behavior. These insights will directly affect the strategic decisions you make in both: SEO strategy and business strategy. 

Dominating and Scaling Up 

Since the search engine algorithms keep getting updated, the latest changes all lead to a better user experience. However, it also means an invaluable opportunity for your business if you act quickly. For instance, by optimizing your Local SEO in a time when more than 70% of local businesses haven’t started working on it yet, you get an instant competitive advantage over your local competition. Moreover, the insights you get from implementing SEO can open new opportunities you’ve never thought of before. Thanks to the insights you get from SEO, you can suddenly realize there’s a market gap you can easily fill or related products and services you can provide. 

Optimizing Business

Just like most of your marketing efforts, implementing the best SEO strategy requires trial, error, and optimization. However, SEO gives you a head start, since you basically have a cheat sheet set by the search engines. As a result, the efforts you exert until you find the optimum strategy become refined and your investment becomes smarter, which eventually translates into optimized business operations.

Websites are evaluated based on more than 200 factors, after which they will be ranked accordingly. While these factors all aim for providing the best user experience, they also serve as a cheat sheet for businesses to find the shortest path to their customers. Meanwhile, your business grows in every aspect thanks to SEO, making it an invaluable and indispensable asset for all businesses.