How to Move to Calgary

You only live once, so why not live in your favorite place? Alberta, Canada, known for its natural beauty and high quality of life, is a favorite of many. If you have been dreaming of moving to Calgary, here are the first three things you need to find.

1. Place to Live

The first thing you need to do is find a place to live, although you can opt to stay in a hotel while you are searching for the perfect location. The type of home you want depends on several factors, such as your budget and how many people are in your family. Another thing to consider is the type of neighborhood where you would like to live. For example, young people on a low budget might prefer a loft apartment close to the downtown area, while more established adults might prefer one of these Mahogany homes for sale.

2. Employment

Whatever your line of work, you are likely to find openings in Calgary. Entry-level jobs can be found in bars, restaurants, and transportation companies, as well as in the healthy tourism industry. If you are an aspiring actor or screenwriter, opportunities in the film and television industry abound. Check online job boards and want ads in local newspapers. You can also send out your resume to potential employers, even if they don’t have jobs advertised. Although the region has suffered from unemployment due to COVID-19, the economy is expected to rebound over the next several months.

3. School

The Calgary School District No. 19, also known as the Calgary Board of Education manages 226 public schools and over 123,400 students. It is the largest district in Alberta and offers a lot of wonderful educational opportunities. Also available are private and Catholic schools, as well as French immersion language-learning schools. Starting a new school can be intimidating for children, but they can take comfort in knowing that Canadians are famous for their welcoming culture. Adults can pursue higher education at the following institutions:

  • University of Calgary
  • Mount Royal University
  • St. Mary’s University
  • Bow Valley College

Moving to a new city can seem like a daunting task, but it is really quite simple once you have broken the project down into smaller steps. After you have found a place to live, gotten a job, and enrolled your children in school, your daily life will fall into place quite easily. Enjoy your new life in Calgary.