Huge US Based Casinos Likely To Do Well in The 4th Quarter

Best Growth Stock – Wall Street anticipates large U.S. -based casino holders to keep an account of the increased quarterly reports when they close the accounting books on 2010. Because of the fact that customer spending has continued to scale up, which has led to increased revenue. The soaring demand of gambling as well as a number of acquisitions taking place in Asia, is anticipated to assist the companies with generating higher revenues, whereas cost cuts are helping to improve the bottom lines of the company.

Penn National Gaming Inc. (PENN) – reports Feb. 3

Wall Street’s Predictions: Analysts census by Thomson Reuters recently predicted earnings of 27 cents per share on $630 million in revenue. Previous year, the organization declared a loss of $4.54 per share, with claims totaling up to $478.8 million, and profits of $555.8 million.

Main Issues: Penn, which functions as an U.S. horse -racing service provider and casinos mainly in the Midwest, on the East Coast and South has executed comparatively well of late in spite of the reduction in consumer expenditure. It has toiled much to cut costs, and therefore income has improved of late.

MGM Resorts International (MGM) – reports Feb. 14

Wall Street’s Predictions: Analysts anticipate MGM to drop 22 cents per share on $1.49 billion in revenue. Previous year, the concern reported a decline of 98 cents and profits of $ 1.45 billion.

Main Issues: MGM has reported loss recently, being wounded by heavy write-downs associated to its belligerent Las Vegas City Centre complex, which is owned by the company as a shared endeavor with Dubai World. The combined venture declared plans prior this month to circulate $1.1 billion of observations to help decrease the balance unsettled under the $8.7 billion project’s credit provision. City Centre is not MGM’s single hitch, although- -the company has witnessed income reduce of lately at many of its casinos.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) – reports Feb. 3

Wall Street’s Predictions: Las Vegas Sands has been fixed by Wall Street for 39 cents of earnings and $2.07 billion in revenue. previous year, the company suffered from a loss of 17 cents per share–or three cents of attuned profit–on $1.38 billion in revenue.

Main Issues: Moody’s in November improved Las Vegas Sands, predicting “very strong” early functioning results from its Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore that opened in August. The agency also stated that it expected positive result to persist profit from its important existence in the Asian gaming market, which is expected to observe growing popularity. The organization’s results have become better recently, and it commented record proceeds in the third quarter.

Boyd Gaming Corp. (BYD) – reporting date TBA

Wall Street’s Predictions: Boyd is likely to lose a nickel over $ 553 million revenue, as expected by analysts. The business reported a loss of one cent, barely carving out a profit on an overall basis, and proceeds was $384.9 million.

Main Issues: Boyd in October approved on its possibility to equivalent an offer to purchase from MGM the 50% holding of the Borgata resort that it did not hold, saying that corresponding the bid would not offer a sufficient return on investment.