Humala and Fujimori run for Peru’s Presidency

Best Growth Stock – Nationalist Ollanta Humala and the conservative Keiko Fujimori are too close to call victory just a few days for the presidential election of Peru, according to two new polls released Friday, which generated uncertainty in the markets of economies more growing in the world.

In a mock vote at the Catholic University, Humala released 3.6 percent advantage to Fujimori, to obtain a 51.8% compared to 48.2% of the candidate, according to a source who had access to the study. However, both remain a “dead heat” because the study has a margin of error of 2.31 percent, added the source who had access to the study, conducted from June 2 to 1,800 people.

Earlier, another vote of the Datum firm mock threw that Fujimori won 50.6 per cent, while that Humala was 49.4 per cent in the study carried out on May 31 and June 1 to 4,820 people.

The work of Datum has a margin of error of 1.4 percentage points, also implying a dead heat with just two days for the second presidential round.

The nationalist candidate had lost the lead in the polls since about a month ago, after having achieved the highest vote in the first round election on April 10, although the difference against its contender has remained very close.

Markets fear, Humala called trust
Fujimori is the favorite of investors, who believe that it will keep standing policy of economic openness of the country’s rich natural resources. This despite the fact that the legislator of 36 years is the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, who was convicted for crimes against humanity and corruption and closed the Congress in 1992.

Humala, who lost the presidential election of 2006, arouses suspicions despite having moderate his speech left and taking away of the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez, a leader of the left in Latin America.

The local currency, the sol, cut some of its early losses and closed with a fall of 0.11 per cent, while the stock market retreated a 2.53% to the 13.58 pm (1858 GMT). On Friday, the military removed from 48 years requested again trust financial operators to an eventual triumph.

“Who have confidence, we have a team of technicians with experience of Government and we will commit ourselves to maintain economic growth, macroeconomic stability and a reasonable management of the Fund,” he told Reuters after a meeting with the foreign press.

Finish line
The candidates were thrown darts Friday, in an attempt to time trial win votes that give them the victory in the most hard-fought election campaign in the country. “Peruvians are calling for a change without interference from foreign Presidents, we are a Peruvian project, in which we gobernaremos the Peruvian people and not a President of Venezuela,” Fujimori said in an interview to radio RPP. “We are not part of the Bolivarian project controlled by Mr Hugo Chávez, which takes only poverty, inflation and authoritarianism,” Fujimori said.

Humala may not rid of the influence of President Chavez, whose support to Peru in 2006 is mentioned as a factor that cost him the Presidency in the previous election, according to analysts.

The candidate has denied any current links with Chávez and rather has shown sympathy with the ideas of the moderate former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Humala, for his part, emphasized the weakness of his opponent: the passive inherited from the Government of his father. “We can return to corruption and dictatorship (…)” “it is necessary to make a change in the country,” said Humala.

During the war, Fujimori has led to rejection by speculation that you want to free his father, sentenced to 25 years in prison for human rights abuses in its decade of power, in which ruled with a heavy hand to defeat a guerrilla movement which sought to impose communism in the country.

Many fear that former President would rule under the shade in the management of his daughter. She has sworn that it excarcelará not, and has apologized for the abuses of its parent.

In the streets of Lima, the views were dividadas. “We can not return to the dark times of the 1990s, Fujimori was a black cloud for our country, there were so many violations of human rights, said Gustavo Reyes Acosta, a penalista lawyer, while he took beer with colleagues and shouted”! “”Ollanta!” in the closing campaign of Humala on Eve. “Keiko represents economic continuity, while Ollanta plans another economic model which will harm investment and the economy,” said Eduard Venegas, a security agent, while hearing the closing campaign of Fujimori, on other side of the city.