Improving Job Marketability

As a professional, it may seem as if you can rely on your current job skills to parlay your career to the height you’ve always dreamed of with the right tactics. But with a booming job market and an endless supply of highly qualified candidates, the last thing you want to do is take yourself out of the running before you’ve even begun to run the race.

There is nothing wrong with keeping your current skills fresh. However, to achieve the results you want when shopping the job market, you’ll need to know how to leverage your transferable skill set.

Skills Should Create Value

If you’re a follower of Eyal Gutentag, then you may already realize that one of the first steps to take is to establish value. It is not always necessary for you to have direct experience in any particular field to make a career change. Employers hire workers all the time who lack proper experience because they have transferable skills that can aid them in their new roles. Their attributes make them an asset and a worthy investment which helps them achieve their hiring goals.

The Package Should Be Hard for Them to Refuse

You’ll need more than an impressive interview outfit and hard-hitting credentials to woo potential employers in today’s job market. With so much competition out there, establishing first contact and turning it into an offer is a big challenge. Fortunately, if you take the time to thoroughly assess yourself as a candidate for each opportunity and to put together a profile that establishes you as a qualified individual of interest, you’ll be able to enjoy your pick of job offers, because employers will be actively pursuing you.

It may seem finding the perfect job is harder than it was in the past, it is. Times have changed. You must be willing to change and adjust your job-hunting tactics accordingly to stay relevant and successful in today’s global arena.