In 3 years IBM has invested US$ 3 billion in Cloud Computing

Best Growth Stock – The company said that they closed contracts with more than 2,000 companies in 2010. For this in addition to further strengthen the issue of security, will continue investing in the expansion of the services they offer.

Dee Fleming, Director of the laboratory centers of Cloud Computing in Latin America of IBM and solutions, said that the figure of investment of the past three years include the acquisition of companies such as and the implementation of different solutions for access to the cloud, according to the profile of the companies.

To date have 600 connected companies who use Software as a Service (SaaS) to improve the marketing of more than 2,000 brands on the web, make follow-up to 100 million mails, and daily 4.5 million customers make transactions by this channel.

Since April, 80 leaders of this topic in the world formed the first consortium of clients to share best practices, case studies, analysis of requirements and some recommendations to standardize projects in the cloud.

According to information from Forest Resources in 2010 at the global level was allocated US$ 40 billion in technology focused on cloud computing and the estimate is that in 2020, this figure exceeds $241.000 million.

Fleming says that at present and in the following years security is one of the main concerns with cloud computing. In doing so they are working on mitigating the risk associated with the user access to corporate information, regulate access to sensitive data of business controls, implement secure applications to avoid fraud, among others.

Firms that were acquired and covering part of the US$ 3 billion investment are: ThinkDynamics, Outblaze, Cast Iron Systems, Coremetrics, Unica, Sterling Commerce, ISS, Arsenal, Diligent Technologie and WebDialogs.

In the world IBM has 12 laboratories of Cloud Computing, in United States, Germany and Japan. Also currently has three data centers that provide services in all countries.

Software as a Service is a model where the software and data are hosted on servers in the company of technologies of information and communication (technology ICT) and is accessed with a web browser via the internet. Direct competitors that have IBM’s services in the cloud are Microsoft, Google, HP, Salesforce and Oracle.