Integration with the Mexico Stock Exchange

One of the main purposes of the pacific partnership is the union of the securities markets of Mila with Mexico.

Integrating the securities markets of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile is one of the main purposes of the Pacific Alliance endorsed these countries.

The Secretary of Economy of Mexico, Bruno Ferrari Garcia de Alba in a presentation at the World Economic Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil expressed during the meeting.

The group of countries, which should increase initially with the next entry in Panama, will prepare a document to be discussed in December by their presidents, in laying down the tracks that should continue to promote such integration.

Pacific Alliance has 200 million consumers with an average income of $ 12,000 per year, makes 50% of exports of Latin America and produces 39.7% of regional GDP. In terms of exports, the official stressed that while Mercosur sells U.S. $ 281,000 million, these countries sell U.S. $ 443.4000 million.

The Secretary made the announcement along with the fact that Mexico will host the next World Economic Forum on Latin America next year. In this regard, called on all regional leaders in all sectors, to work to establish policies to facilitate regional cooperation and economic integration.

“The Forum is a scene of serious analysis, an incubator of ideas for building more competitive economies to help raise the welfare of our peoples,” he said. Latin America is the second fastest growing region in the world and the second largest recipient of foreign direct investment, he said. The challenge, he said, is to strengthen links between research, science and the productive sector, for innovation to detonate the potential of regional development.