Internet Providers Launched A Plan Against Illegal Downloads

Several major ISPs in the United States will be implemented from next summer a plan to combat piracy on the net that includes measures “coercion” against the users to stop illegal downloads of content protected by copyright.

This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), who stated that the date is being handled on 12 July, but said the final decision on an individual basis to operators, among which are Time Warner Cable, AT & T  & Verizon.

Internet providers in the U.S. and eight months announced a tentative agreement that included among its recommendations to combat piracy on the net a commitment to “punish” their clients illegally copyright-protected content.

The plan, which already have also joined other companies like Comcast and Cablevision, is to implement a messaging system warning which reminds users to download content that is protected by copyright is illegal.

In cases where users disregard the warnings, then Internet providers reserve the right to apply some “coercive measures”, ranging from slow to download outage, according to the agreement reached by operators.

“Internet providers will have to develop its own infrastructure to automate the step system and establish a database that allows them to track repeat offenders,” said this Wednesday the director of RIAA, Cary Sherman, during a ceremony in New York.

The site specializes CNET today detailed the supporters of these measures apply “coercive” believe it is the most effective system has been devised to date to combat piracy, and that operators are well positioned to combat illegal downloads.