Internet Sales Grew More Than 20 Percent in the US on Black Friday

Sales made over the Internet in the “black Friday” (“black Friday”) in the US increased this year by more than 20% compared to 2103, according to reports on electronic commerce of Adobe, ChannelAdvisor and Custora companies released today.

The “black Friday,” which kicks rebates and increased consumption season of the year has seen in recent times how e-commerce an increasingly large gap opened up to yesterday, some media US Forbes qualify as the biggest ever sales volume in internet.

According ChannelAdvisor, trade through internet yesterday increased by 22% over the “black Friday” of 2013, while this increase amounted Custora 20.6% and Adobe pointed to a 24% sales growth.

Furthermore, within the e-commerce increasingly play a more important purchases from mobile devices such as phones or tablets during the day yesterday accounted for between 27% and 30% of all electronic transactions made paper.

Companies specializing in e-commerce as EBay or Amazon experienced a sales increase of 27% and 24%, respectively, during this “black Friday.”

Good numbers of e-commerce during the “black Friday” hint at a good holiday season, exalted by improving employment figures and low fuel prices in the country.