Investing In the Technology Sector

Best Growth Stock – The technology sector has been moving the stock market over the last several months with big profits and excellent product lines. Among the biggest earners are Google, Apple, HP, Microsoft and Amazon. Will the technology sector keep the market moving or we should expect more from the health or energy industry?

Amazon keeps the momentum going on its products and profits. With a strong brand and online presence there is no competition to their online store. Secondly, Amazon does continue to gain shares on the Internet infrastructure. With their cloud computing systems and selling top of the line hosting products we will see a stronger Amazon in the future. Third, the kindle still the number one book reader and this provides a great advantage to their online book store. That coupled to their iPad app and desktop access to the books there is no competition from Barners & Nobles, Google Books or apple’s iBooks. The stock should keep it’s momentum and gain more value as they keep their strong sales.

Apple keeps shining and will continue it’s dominance of the market. This stock might be the biggest gainer this year. The iPod sales should rock this year with the addition of Verizon customers to the iPhone. Second, we should see the second generation of iPads this year which might increase it’s mass appeal with more features and video chat capabilities. Their computer market share keeps increasing as their iPod, iPhone and iPad customers will just try their products. We should see the notebooks line exploding to new highs culled to great sales from their music and apps store.

HP is the biggest pc maker in the world. Their dominance has been kept over the last years and it seems that Dell has not been able to catch them on the market or try at least to dominate it as they did in the 90s. Also they keep a great printing and IT technology. But their earnings might not be very stable this year, as business has not been replacing the old computer networks with new ones. You have to be careful trading this stock as it’s volatility might not be suitable to all the investors.

Microsoft is probably the most undervalued stock in the tech sector. They have complete monopolies on the operating system and office suite business. Windows 7 has been a complete success and MS Office still the best office suite that every business must have. They will keep innovating their operating systems in the future releases of their products. The game system xbox still costing too much to its company in terms of profits and development. Bing search engine keeps increasing it’s market share and is becoming more useful friendly every day. Still Microsoft needs to move fast in the tablet and phone market. They have been the spectator in the android, iphone battle and now ipad. This stock is an excellent value at it’s current price and one of your best investments for your portfolio.

Finally google at the current price is a very high value. The company still relied on it’s marketing adsense product for their profits. They need to have other source of income to survive in this market because as their search market keeps getting more competition it’s market share will be jeopardize. Facebook still the main driving force with it’s social network dominating the Internet traffic. Proceed with caution as now the company will transition to a new CEO and needs to look for serious competition from facebook. Also keep mind that investors might flood a Facebook IPO with money at the expense of the Google stock.

Technology keeps offering great investments at a great value. Design your portfolio with excellent companies that will have momentum and are undervalue for maximum profits and portfolio protection.