Is Apple Working On A Brand-New High-Tech Vaporizer?

Apple is undeniably at the forefront of technology. The company consistently designs, develops, and manufactures some of the most innovative gadgets on the market. Simultaneously, the company knows how to identify an opportunity when they see one. Just recently, it has been speculated that Apple could very well be working on a brand-new vaporizer. The company has determined that the vaporizer market is going to continue to grow over the next few years. This is definitely a certainty, since consumers continue to shift from conventional tobacco to safer alternatives. This is where vaping enters the picture.

According to a recently released report published by Market Research Future, the e-cigarette and vaporizer market is expected to grow by as much as 25% by the year 2021. At this point in time, the North American region makes up the largest share of the market. This is ultimately a good thing for Apple, which has established itself as a market leader in this particular region. The report also confirmed that consumers are eager to escape the harms caused by traditional tobacco substances and this is why so many are making the switch to electronic alternatives. Finally, the personal vaporizers market is expected to grow at an average CAGR of 23.5 during the same period.

Again, this is good news for Apple and other firms that intend to delve into the vaporizer and vape mods market in the next few years. Those that prefer vaporizers became incredibly excited this year when it was discovered that Apple has patented a new vaporizer prototype. The news was realized in late January and it sent a shockwave through the vaping industry. First and foremost, consumers were excited to see that an esteem company like Apple finally saw potential in the industry. Secondly, the device was unlike anything consumers had ever seen before.

The patent itself was actually submitted in 2016. It was published on January the 26th and showcased a new concept for a unique vaporizer. The patent was submitted by Apple employee, Tetsuya Ishikawa. It outlined the company’s plans to create a temperature-regulated plate that would be placed inside of a chamber. The plate would heat up the substance and then cause the substance to transform into a vapor. The Food and Drug Administration began regulation vaporizers last year. This helps to legitimize the market, while also confirmed that vaping is indeed far safer than conventional alternatives.

Unfortunately, it is unknown what type of medium will be used with Apple’s vaporizer. Some believe that the device could potentially be used for marijuana. However, vaping enthusiasts are excited about the potential of using an Apple vaporizer to enjoy their delicious e-liquids. Whether or not the vaporizer will ever come to fruition remains to be seen. Apple has created a lot of hype and controversy in terms of patent disclosures and disputes over the years. Aside from numerous lawsuits involving patents, Apple has also unveiled numerous patents that have led to nothing. This includes a wraparound iPhone screen and a completely foldable phone.

Nevertheless, fans of vaping hope Apple will transform their dreams into a reality!