Israel reaffirms Gaza naval blockade

JERUSALEM (BestGrowthStock) – Israel’s security cabinet on Tuesday said that it regretted the killing of nine people in the interception of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla but called the incident an act of defense against violent provocation.

Ministers said in a statement they regretted the loss of life in the raid, but blamed activists who they said assaulted soldiers who boarded the ship for any fatalities.

Israel said it would continue a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip it has imposed as part of a general embargo on the territory’s border crossings.

“The cabinet determines that setting limitations on boat traffic to Gaza, ruled by the Hamas terror group, is a clear act of self defense,” the statement said, adding that “such was the Israeli army action against the violent provocation at sea.”

It “regrets the fact there were deaths in the incident, but lays full responsibility on those who took violent action that tangibly endangered the lives of Israeli soldiers,” the statement said, adding:

“Israel will continue to defend its citizens against the Hamas terror base,” referring to Gaza.

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Israel reaffirms Gaza naval blockade