Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo to fight to the end: adviser

PARIS (Reuters) – Ivory Coast’s presidential claimant Laurent Gbagbo will fight to the end and is preparing to make a public address to the nation in the hours or days ahead, his European adviser said in Paris on Friday.

“For his ideas, he will go to the end,” Toussaint Alain told Reuters TV, asked if Gbgabo was prepared to die in Ivory Coast.

“He has no intention of standing down or giving up his power. He will in the coming hours have proposals for the armed opposition,” Alain said.

He said Gbgabo was prepared for dialogue with his opponents, but Toussaint did not expand on what form that could take.

Alain said he had just spoken to Gbgabo, who was in a “secure location” in Ivory Coast and directing operations.

He declined to say whether Gbagbo was in Abidjan, the scene of fierce fighting on Friday as troops loyal to him fended off attacks by forces seeking to install rival Alassane Ouattara.

Alain said Gbagbo would address Ivorians soon, once television services are running again.

“It will be a televised address,” Alain said.

(Reporting by John Irish and Gerard Bon)

Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo to fight to the end: adviser