Make Your Company More Eco-Friendly With These Tips

Transforming your company into an eco-friendly business will not only help you preserve the integrity of the environment, but also help you save money. Now, it will not be easy to make this transformation, but with a bit of strategizing it is possible. Selling the idea to your business partners and employees may be challenging. However, if you show them how much money you will save over time, they will eventually agree to help you make the transformation an easy one.

Take Advantage Of Biodegradable Cleaners

It is a fact that biodegradable cleaners are much safer than cleaners with chemicals and toxins. When you utilize these cleaners, you are doing your part in protecting the health of your employees and the environment. If you purchase eco-friendly products, such as soaps, laundry detergents and floor and window cleaners, be sure to purchase them in bulk. This will help you cut your expenses by at $100 each year.

Go Paperless

Paper is made from trees, which play a huge role in air quality. Every time a tree is cut down and utilized for paper, the environment becomes more at risk. When the air quality is poor, more toxins and chemicals are traveling through the air and water. This means that humans are going to be exposed to these contaminants every time they walk outdoors.

Going paperless is a great way to reduce expenses and save as many trees as possible. Instead of mailing out paper bills and invoices to your customers, send them via email. This will ensure your customers receive these documents, while helping you cut your operating costs. When visiting Better Credit Blog, you will learn how to improve your credit score, which will help you receive a better rate on your next loan.

Eliminate Postage

As mentioned above, you could save anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more each year, by utilizing electronic invoices and communication instead of paper. This will also help you decrease the amount of postage you utilize. As you know, the cost of postage continues to increase. So, this year you will pay more for postage than you did last year. Eliminate postage is also a great way to make your business more eco-friendly.

When it comes to electronic billing, you will need to give your customers an option. If you give your customers an incentive more choosing electronic billing, you will discover that most of them will be more willing to make the change. All bills will be sent via email instead of snail mail.

Replace Conventional Light Bulbs With LEDs

Switching from conventional light bulbs to LEDs will also help save you money. In addition to this, it will also be a huge environmental saving. LEDs are guaranteed to offer a longer lifespan than conventional light bulbs. So, you will not be required to replace them as often.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Did you know that over seventeen billon pounds of office furniture and equipment each year is sent to the landfill? When you really sit down and think about it these numbers are staggering. Whether your business is moving or dealing with a closure there is a lot of opportunities for refurbishing. Unfortunately, a single refurbishing could result in the loss of tons of materials. Most office chairs are constructed of metals and woods, which are extremely harmful to the environment. So, when these materials are not disposed of properly they pose tons of potential risks to the environment.

Recycling Computers And Accessories

With the rise of technology, it is not uncommon for any business to replace their computers and network every other year. While it might not seem like it, these computers and other accessories can be really hazardous to the environment. Anytime you purchase a new computer or computer accessory, you need to ask the vendor if he or she will take back the old computer. In fact, in many cases the vendors might even buy back the old computers or accessories, which could potentially save your company money in the process.

Consider Green Web Hosting

It is essential for any big company to host several sites and servers simultaneously. Unfortunately, running several different servers in the United States could be equivalent to running five nuclear power plants. When you combine this with the fact that servers run around the clock, you are truly looking at some major environmental damage. This is where green hosting can come in extremely handy, as it ensures that you are only fueling your servers with renewable energy.