Management Tip of the Day: Holding onto your good people

BOSTON (Reuters Life!) – Burnout and work/life imbalance are common obstacles to retaining top employees, but Harvard Business Review says there are a few ways for leaders to at least try to hold onto their talent.

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“Few leaders succeed without great talent supporting them. So retaining your star employees is not only good for the company, but for you as leader.

Here are three ways to keep your best people around:

1. Trust the team. Give your people the opportunity to use their unique strengths every day. Allow them to do what they are best at.

2. Make connections. Spend time every day checking in with individuals to see how they’re doing — personally and professionally. Avoid private or sensitive topics unless your employee brings them up.

3. Respect individuality. Recognize your people’s individual needs, and customize assignments, perks, and recognition accordingly.”

-Today’s management tip was adapted from the Harvard ManageMentor module, “Retaining Employees.”

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Management Tip of the Day: Holding onto your good people