Manufacturer of electric batteries sues Apple for “theft” of employees

The manufacturer of lithium batteries for electric vehicles A123 Systems Technology giant Apple sued by describing as “a vigorous campaign for employee theft stealth” the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported today.

The newspaper indicates that demand, which was presented this week in the state of Massachusetts (US East Coast), appoints five employees who either left A123 to work for Apple or helping to recruit technology company employees among workers manufacturer of lithium batteries.

A123 Systems says he is convinced that Apple wants to create a company to manufacture batteries based on knowledge of its employees. Neither Apple nor the applicant would comment.

A123 filed for bankruptcy protection laws in the United States in 2012 at the slow progress in the development of electric batteries, high development costs and slow market introduction of electric vehicles. The company claims that Apple’s strategy threatens their business and left in a vulnerable position after restructuring.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that hundreds of Apple employees working on a secret project named “Titan,” the company headquarters in Cupertino (California) to develop an electric vehicle.