Maryland: The State With More Millionaire Households

The state of Maryland has more millionaire households than any other state in the country , according to a study of financial analysis firm Phoenix Marketing. The state has 169,287 households benefiting from one or more than one million dollars in assets. About 7.7% of households in Maryland are millionaires.

The second position in the ranking is for the state of New Jersey with 7.49% of millionaire households and the third for Connecticut having 7.32% of millionaire households .

Across the United States, the study estimates that a total of 6.1 million households with assets of one or more than one million dollars.

Although the states of California, Texas and New York account for 25 % of millionaire households nationwide, due to its huge population density in the list of millionaires states to appear in a lower position.

The director of Phoenix Marketing, David Thompson , said the ranking of the states millionaires serving geographical and political issues.

Many of the statements in the list are small and close to large centers of wealth like New York and Washington, areas in which they have influence, Thompson said .

The state of North Dakota is one that has had more millionaires per capita growth , with 1,800 new homes in a population with a total of 294,000 households.

This increase was due to the rise of oil and gas in the state , which has a 4.95% of millionaire households compared to 4% who had the previous year.

The state with fewer millionaires per capita Nevada lost 8,000 millionaire households and saw its ratio to decrease by 4.35 % compared to 5.13 % it had in 2012.

States with more millionaires per household are California, with 777,624 millionaire households , Texas, with 456,949 households, and 429,153 New York .