4 Ways to Maximize Employee Productivity and Minimize Distractions

You have put together a knowledgeable staff, but sometimes you feel as if they aren’t pushing themselves as much as they should. What should you do? You want to witness consistent effort and are growing frustrated with the current situation. Is it possible to increase drive and productivity? Yes, motivation is possible. Try the following 4 tips to keep workers on target, accomplishing tasks with effort and eagerness.

1. Increase Privacy

How much space do employees have? The environment could be hindrance or a distraction. While typing or brainstorming, your employee sits listening to others type, have a conversation or grab a cup of coffee. It’s overstimulating. An open concept helps with seeing others and streamlining the office, but it may put a wrench in focus and concentration. After all, some people simply need quiet and personal distance to get cracking on projects; therefore, create some more areas for individual room, allowing staff members to separate at times.

2. Maintain a Clean Environment

How tidy and organized is the office? Do people know where to put materials? Establish an easy, efficient system for supplies, trash and communication. Designate locations for specific tasks, and ask that it only be done in that zone. Then, others won’t go searching for the needed items. Furthermore, the floors, desks and a restroom should be sanitized regularly, establishing an environment that presents attention to details. This includes having professional carpet cleaning in Toronto used regularly to leave the floor spotless. A dirty floor or ambiance may deter from devotion.

3. Reduce Meetings

Conferences are needed, but, when done too often, they become tedious, increasing agitation. That is time perhaps better spend diligently responding to customers or overseeing tasks. Be cognizant of that fact. Try and avoid gatherings that aren’t necessary. If you can say it in an email, do that instead. Micromanaging gives the boss comfort, but doesn’t always improve workload.

4. Implement Incentive Programs

What does your crew enjoy? Start thinking about inspiring them and establish goals. That should rev their engines. Can you run some contests in the office, offering prizes for accomplishing tasks ahead of time? Would you be able to pass out small five dollar gift cards as special rewards? That little extra thank you may be enough to get people going. If individual rewards won’t work, look to team building or group activities. Downtime may kick them into gear. Plan a day out, hitting an escape room or dining out and seeing a movie. This bonding time is rejuvenating. The next day they can accomplish more.

Turn the lackluster office into a place full of energy. Give them quiet, trust their ideas and plan some enjoyment.