Nissan VP Impressed With The Nissan Business Culture In The U.S.

Fred Diaz , Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nissan in the U.S., told that his goal is that sales of the brand to continue to grow in 2016 reaching a market share of 10%, almost 3 percentage points higher than at present .

Diaz, considered one of the most influential Hispanics in corporate America , also expressed his admiration for the culture of Nissan, company that came eight months from the Chrysler Group, where he managed over the years Ram brand , specializing in trucks ago ” pickup” .

” My experience at Nissan has been really fascinating. Culture is totally different company , products and passion that dealers have for the company, the brand , for the products we make ,” Diaz said at the IAA North American Auto Show held in Detroit ( USA ) .

Diaz, a Texan who comes from a family of Mexican origin, said that 2013 was a good year for Nissan in the U.S. but the objective expressed by the president of the company, Carlos Ghosn, is a strong growth in 2016 .

“In 2013 we won half a percentage point of market share. It was the best sales year in the history of Nissan in North America, with over 1.1 million units sold . ‘re Very proud because it was a great milestone.”

” Looking ahead to 2014 we must continue to grow. Carlos Ghosn has said many times that our goal is that by 2016 it a market share of 10%. Needed to win more in 2014 and 2015 to 2016 have the 10% ,” he added .

A key part of achieving that goal is the U.S. Hispanic market , a sector that Diaz believes Nissan has been looking for some time.

” Reaching I realized that Nissan is a brand that is in tune with the Hispanic population and advertising campaigns for this population . Did not have to reinvent the wheel when it came to Nissan. My job was to ensure that we continue to grow it and put even more resources , people and focus on the Hispanic market . ”

” Three of the top selling vehicles in the Hispanic market are ours. Planned to go And no less but rather have four or five of the best-selling car among Hispanics,” he continued.

The executive believes that the quality and characteristics of products Nissan has not been well reflected in the marketing efforts of the company.

“Our products are above me and our marketing here . And I think we have to raise our level of marketing for the brand to have a better face,” he said.

” What I’m most interested in is to better connect with consumers in the United States from a marketing standpoint .”

And as the Nissan Leaf , the electric vehicle brand , Diaz said sales in 2013 were ” phenomenal .”

“In 2013 we established sales record . In December 2013 we had the best month of sales with 2,500 vehicles. What is happening is that the knowledge that the consumer has the Leaf and electric vehicle technology continues to grow .”

” The charging infrastructure is increasing. Slowly and more customers are beginning to understand how the Leaf fits , especially from an economic perspective , in their weekly and monthly budgets.”

Diaz, who during his time at Ram got the Chrysler brand would produce one of the best trucks “pickup ” of the United States, concluded by noting that when arriving at Nissan was impressed with the prototype of the new Titan truck to be presented shortly .

Diaz said the new Titan Cummings incorporate a V8 engine and has made ​​available Nissan experience and industry knowledge gained during his time trucks in front of Ram.