Nokia’s President assures that adopt Android would have been a defeat

Best Growth Stock – The President and CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop, assured conferences Uplinq San Diego that the Finnish company dismissed install Android on their devices because you would have thought that they were “paying” competition.

Despite being the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world, the dominant position of Nokia has been threatened in the past four years by the flourishing of the “Smartphone” market because its Symbian operating system has become obsolete to deal with that challenge, he admitted Elop.

“Each time was more fragile and unstable and took more time to update it to make it competitive”, explained the Executive who came to Nokia in 2010 after passing by Microsoft.

Elop was responsible for closing this year an agreement with Microsoft to bury Symbian and adopt the Windows Phone 7 OS in their devices, a strategic decision that defended on the last day of Uplinq which takes place in the California city.

“It has become a battlefield of devices war of ecosystems”, said Elop who recognized that Nokia has been slow to respond to Apple’s iPhone and the Android platform developed by Google.

“The first Nokia with Windows Phone 7 will come before the end of the year,” said Elop who stated that the partnership with Microsoft was natural since companies “complement”, because one had an operating system to which lacked presence in the market and the other a great capacity for production and sale of terminals.

“We also studied the option of Google (Android).” We thought that it would have been to join a strong ecosystem and growth, but we I was concerned that not we could differentiate ourselves enough. In addition, it was a question of attitude. If we go with Android you would have thought that we were paying us. “We do not surrender, we are fighting stronger,” said Elop.

It is expected that the integration with Microsoft’s systems also reaches future Nokia computer tablets on which the Chief Executive Officer of the company gave no details, although it praised the work of the creators of Windows for their next version, known as Windows 8.

“Nokia does not want launch a tablet,” said Elop in reference to the wide range of devices that run on Android and that, for the time being, unable to counter the dominance of Apple’s iPad.

“We have to do something completely different, as you will see interesting things,” said Elop, who this week denied rumors that talked about a supposed negotiation so that Microsoft bought Nokia.

The Finnish company is through one of its stages more complex with a period of readjustment, in which it is losing market share and it took this week to lower their forecasts of revenue for the second quarter of the year, something that sharpened the fall of their actions that have already lost 32 percent of its value since the beginning of the year.

Developers Uplinq Conference, organized by the manufacturer of Qualcomm chips, began on Wednesday and concludes this afternoon and has counted with the presence of senior leaders of Hewlett-Packard, HTC, Qualcomm and Nokia.