Obama pushes for oil use reduction, clean fuel technology

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Saturday curbing foreign oil dependence and investments in clean fuel technology are the main tenets of his plan to meet long-term energy needs and in turn strengthen the domestic economy.

“Real energy security can only come if we find ways to use less oil, if we invest in cleaner fuels and greater efficiency,” he said during his weekly Internet and radio address, recorded at a UPS customer center in Maryland.

Obama said increasing oil exploration at home was part of the solution, but increasing fuel efficiency in cars and developing clean energy technology will help create jobs and protect the economy from swings in energy prices.

In the Republican response, House Speaker John Boehner, focused on the budget and spending patterns.

He said that no agreement had been reached with Democrats over the budget and said out-of-control spending is hindering job growth.

“Republicans continue to fight for the largest spending cuts possible to help end Washington’s job crushing spending binge,” he said in the weekly address.

Boehner said other Republican priorities include removing regulatory obstacles to job growth, expanding American energy production, ending the threat of tax hikes and approving stalled trade agreements.

(Writing by Lauren Keiper; Editing by Greg McCune)

Obama pushes for oil use reduction, clean fuel technology