Obama says he will push for education overhaul

By Alister Bull

WASHINGTON, March 13 (BestGrowthStock) – President Barack Obama,
already battling for healthcare reform, jobs and financial
regulation, said on Saturday he was also about to push forward
on a major overhaul of U.S. education.

Obama said he would send a blueprint to Congress on Monday
to update the country’s elementary and secondary schools, in an
effort to boost standards and redo the “No Child Left Behind”
law of his predecessor George W. Bush, which has lapsed.

Obama has delayed a trip to Asia to rally support for a
final drive for healthcare reform, and is also urging
Democratic lawmakers to advance a radical shake-up of the
county’s financial regulation to make the economy safer.

Acknowledging in his weekly address the country faced many
challenges, Obama said improving education was vital to
ensuring wider national success.

“As a nation, we are engaged in many important endeavors:
improving the economy, reforming the health care system,
encouraging innovation in energy and other growth industries of
the 21st century,” he said.

“But our success in these efforts — and our success in the
future as a people — will ultimately depend on what happens
long before,” he said.

U.S. students have slipped in international tables of
accomplishment, particularly in math and science.

Policymakers worry this will dent the ability of U.S.
businesses to compete for the industries of the future,
damaging job creation and growth.

“Not only does that risk our leadership as a nation, it
consigns millions of Americans to a lesser future,” he said.

Obama has previously outlined a new vision for education in
his 2010 budget, where he announced adding $3 billion to
federal allotments for education, while providing an additional
$1 billion once “No Child Left Behind” is reauthorized.

The new guidelines will reward top schools, encourage
under-performing institutions to do better and provide more
support for teachers.

“Through this plan we are setting an ambitious goal: all
students should graduate from high school prepared for college
and a career — no matter who you are or where you come from,”
he said. “This effort is essential for our children and for our

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(Reporting by Alister Bull, editing by Todd Eastham)

Obama says he will push for education overhaul