Obama says U.S. has gone further than any country since the 2008 crisis

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, today defended his country has recovered “faster” and better than any other industrialized since the economic crisis of 2008 nation.

“Thanks to the hard work of citizens, and some intelligent policies for our part, have gone further and have recovered better than almost any other developed nation on Earth,” Obama said in a speech in Denver (Colorado) aimed at boosting vote for Democratic candidates in the November elections.

“Despite what critics may say, we are moving. In almost all respects, much better than when we came to power” in 2009, said the president.

The White House has scheduled for the coming months a series of speeches in various states in which Obama defends economic achievements and denounces the Republican filibuster of its legislative proposals in a combative tone that relies garner votes for Democrats in the election.

“This year, Republicans in Congress have blocked or demolished any idea would be to strengthen the middle class,” lamented Obama in an almost identical speech that offered two weeks ago in Minneapolis (Minnesota) and will be followed by another speech centered economy tomorrow in Austin (Texas).

“And Congress just say no to fix our broken immigration system in a way that strengthens our borders and our businesses, even though, from security officers to corporations, through the Gospel, there is an unprecedented coalition favor of immigration reform, “he said.

Obama announced last week that take executive action to fix “as possible” the immigration system, after Republicans in the House of Representatives refused to vote on immigration reform this year.

“Congressional Republicans have proven time and time again that they will do anything to rig the system in favor of the rich and try to score political points against me,” said the president.

“The best thing you can say this year is that Republicans have not yet forced the closure of the Government nor the U.S. threatened to default on its obligations” debt, Obama said in reference to the cessation of the administration for 16 days, last October, the Republican refusal to approve temporary funds.

After the speech, Obama attended a fundraising event for the Candidates Committee Senate Democrats (DSCC) and in particular for Colorado Sen. Mark Udall.

By all predictions, the Democrats have a good chance of losing control of the Senate in the election, so Obama called on donors to be fully involved in this election.

“I want to feel the same urgency about the candidacy of Mark (Udall) and all (Democrats) the Senate that they felt in my own campaign in 2008,” asked Obama, who has repeatedly denounced the Democrats’ tendency to participate less in legislative elections than in presidential.

After this act, Obama traveled to Dallas to deal with community leaders and the state’s governor, Republican Rick Perry, on the crisis caused by the massive influx of Central America minors, though not to visit the border coming .