Ohio Governor to sign anti-union bill later on Thursday

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) – Governor John Kasich will sign later on Thursday a bill limiting collecting bargaining for about 350,000 public workers and banning them from striking, his spokesman said.

Kasich will sign the bill, approved by the Republican-majority legislature on Wednesday, at the statehouse at 7 p.m. local time, according to his spokesman, Rob Nichols.

“We’re excited by the fact that our school districts and local governments will soon have tools to be able to control their costs and not have to raise taxes on their people,” said Nichols.

Democrats want to overturn the law through a referendum on the November ballot. After Kasich signs it, the law does not take effect for 90 days. If opponents are able to secure the approximately 231,000 signatures needed to place a referendum on the ballot during the 90 days, the law will be on hold until the election in November.

(Writing by Mary Wisniewski; Reporting by Jo Ingles; Editing by Greg McCune)

Ohio Governor to sign anti-union bill later on Thursday