More than one million signatures against the FTA EU-US

More than a million people have signed the petition launched to block free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada and stop being negotiated with the United States, organizers announced Thursday.

The group “Stop TTIP” (acronym of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the FTA negotiated with the US), which brings together more than 300 civil society organizations from 24 member countries of the EU, called, after collecting the signatures, the Commission European would give the request the status of citizen initiative which means that the European executive to make a legislative proposal within the meaning of the claim.

But Brussels which made these negotiations a priority, has rejected it.
“Stop TTIP” filed a complaint with the European Court of Justice. The group opposes within the trade agreement to the establishment of a mechanism to protect investments that could allow multinational recourse to arbitration tribunals policies of national governments.

These agreements would “unpublished authorities to businesses and indeed threaten democracy, the rule of law, protection of the environment and consumers,” believes the group of organizations.

“People want to express themselves and be heard. A million people have already said ‘no thanks’. How many are needed for Brussels to hear us?” Said Susan George, a member of “Stop TTIP”.