Ouattara’s PM gives "last appeal" to Gbgabo forces

PARIS (Reuters) – Laurent Gbagbo’s forces should join Alassane Ouattara’s Republican Guard at once to avoid a manhunt in Ivory Coast, Ouattara’s appointed Prime Minister Guillaume Soro said on Monday.

“To all the forces, I make a last appeal to rally (with us) … there cannot be a manhunt,” Soro said in an address to the Ivorian people carried by French television station i-tele.

“Join the Republican forces!”

Soro also asked the population to remain calm after Gbagbo’s arrest.

Gbagbo was detained by Ouattara’s forces earlier on Monday at his residence, ending a bloody four-month standoff since the contested November 28 presidential election, and Ouattara’s U.N. ambassador said he would be brought to justice.

(Reporting by John Irish and Elizabeth Pineau; editing by David Stamp)

Ouattara’s PM gives "last appeal" to Gbgabo forces