Pelosi Will Reject An Agreement That Does Not Raise Taxes On The Rich

The Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, said today that bluntly rejected a deal to avoid the “cliff prosecutor” does not include a tax increase for the wealthiest.

In an interview with the program “This Week” on ABC, Pelosi responded with a resounding “no” to the question of whether she would accept not to increase tax rates on the rich.

“President (Barack Obama) made it very clear in his campaign that is not enough, not enough resources. Plugging gaps only very little money … If you are going to generate revenue, the president has been very clear in that higher income people have to pay their fair share, “he said.

Pelosi, whose continuity at the head of the Democrats in the lower house was not insured, announced this week that it will continue in office in the next legislative session in 2013 to further advance the Obama agenda.

“I decided to submit my name to my colleagues once again, serve as minority leader in the House,” Pelosi said during a press conference, surrounded by about forty legislators who won re-election on 6 November.

Pelosi, Democrat of California, said that there is still much work to do and he wants to “work with the President to create jobs and economic growth.”

Obama negotiated with Republicans now to avoid terms known as “tax precipice“, a feared scenario that combine drastic cuts in public spending and an end to certain tax exemptions in early 2013, which, according to analysts, could return U.S. to recession in the most inopportune time.

Bush said in his first press conference after his reelection that none of the two parties, “no one” wants to get to that point, and insisted that the country’s economy can not afford something.

“I have told the leaders privately and I’ve said publicly. We can not afford extending tax cuts to the wealthy. Thing we can do is make sure that taxes do not go up the middle class,” he added .