Police shoot San Antonio man after rush hour chase

SAN ANTONIO (BestGrowthStock) – A San Antonio man was shot and killed by police on Thursday morning after he held his family at gunpoint and then fled on a motorcycle into rush hour traffic on busy Interstate 10, police said.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the incident began with a call about a man holding his family at gunpoint in a house in northwest San Antonio.

When officers arrived, the family had been released, and the man was standing on the roof of the house threatening arriving officers with a rifle. He had also set the house on fire, and smoke was billowing out of the front window.

The man, who McManus said was in his early twenties, then managed to jump onto a motorcycle and lead police on a chase 25 miles up Interstate 10 to the San Antonio suburb of Boerne.

He alternatively pointed a pistol at his own head and turned around to threaten the police cars and helicopters following up the highway, clogged with morning rush hour traffic.

As the man headed off and then back onto the highway, police scrambled to block oncoming vehicles, including several school busses, but the chase never reached speeds of more than 35 miles an hour, McManus said, largely because of the volume of traffic.

When the fugitive reached Boerne, a suburb of about 6,000, police there blocked his path. He got off the motorcycle, leveled his gun at police, and was shot dead by officers.

McManus didn’t know what sparked the incident, but relatives told officers at the scene the man was distraught and suicidal.

(Reporting by Jim Forsyth in San Antonio; Editing by Jerry Norton)

Police shoot San Antonio man after rush hour chase