PRESS DIGEST – New York Times business news – Dec 13

Dec 13 (BestGrowthStock) – The following were the top stories in
The New York Times business pages on Monday. Reuters has not
verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

* A growing number of economists now worry that China —
the world’s fastest growing economy and a pillar of strength
during the global financial crisis — could be stalled next
year by soaring inflation, mounting government debt and asset

* Lenders are again offering credit to the riskier
borrowers they once shunned, but they are choosing their
prospects carefully and setting terms.

* At least 1,000 individual civil suits can now go forward
to try to recover more than $50 billion for the victims of
Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

* With Facebook’s prominence on the Web, the site’s role as
an arbiter of free speech is likely to become even more

* The Atlantic, the intellectual’s monthly that always
seemed more comfortable as an academic exercise than a
business, is on track to turn a tidy profit of $1.8 million
this year. That would be the first time in at least a decade
that it had not lost money. Getting there took a cultural
transfusion, a dose of counterintuition and a lot of digital
advertising revenue.

* Many of the companies that make the shows and movies that
Netflix Inc (NFLX.O: ) delivers to mailboxes, computer screens
and televisions — companies whose stocks have not enjoyed the
same frothy rise, and whose chief executives have not won the
same accolades — are pushing back, arguing that the company is
overhyped, and vowing to charge much more to license their

* The bankruptcy filing by grocery store chain Great
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co (GAP.N: ) is among the biggest in a
year that has seen relatively few multibillion-dollar cases.

* The New York City Council was supposed to hold a hearing
this Tuesday about a renewed campaign by Wal-Mart Stores Inc
(WMT.N: ) to open its stores in the city, but it had to be
rescheduled for January. Wal-Mart, an inescapable part of the
retail landscape just about everywhere except in New York City,
twice retreated on efforts to open stores in the city after
fierce community opposition.

* In a shift of tone that may signal more commitment to
keep the euro zone in one piece, Germany’s finance minister
ruled out the possibility that any country would ever be
ejected from the European monetary union, and said calls to
restore the Deutsche mark were “unrealistic nostalgia.”

PRESS DIGEST – New York Times business news – Dec 13