PRESS DIGEST – Wall Street Journal – Nov 9

Nov 9 (BestGrowthStock) – The following were the top stories in The
Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. Reuters has not verified these
stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

* Global controversy mounted over the U.S. Federal
Reserve’s decision to pump billions of dollars into the U.S.
economy, with President Barack Obama defending the move as
China, Russia and the euro zone added to a chorus of criticism.

* Major websites are moving to limit the number of tracking
technologies like “cookies” spreading on their sites, hoping to
keep lucrative data about visitors for themselves — and avoid
privacy risks.

* A growing number of hedge funds and other professional
investors are getting out of junk bonds and buying assets like
mortgage debt and stocks instead.

* BP Plc (BP.L: ) added risk to its ill-fated Gulf of Mexico
well by removing a safeguard before fully sealing it, the lead
investigator for a presidential commission said, in a finding
that puts the spotlight on the oil giant’s decisions in the
fateful final hours before the blast.

* Rolls-Royce Group (RR.L: ) said it is closing in on
understanding why one of its engines on a Qantas Airways Ltd
(QAN.AX: ) Airbus A380 jetliner blew apart last week, and the
British engine maker is making fixes that will allow the
Australian carrier to return its superjumbo jets to service.

* Ireland’s commercial-property bust has knocked the
country’s banks to their knees. Now the lenders are bracing for
another blow: losses on home loans.

* China’s government will next year start extracting more
money in dividends from the companies it controls, in a
long-awaited step that could help level the playing field
between private firms and the nation’s massive state-owned

* A doctor charged with tipping confidential information
about a clinical trial to a hedge fund worked for Guidepoint
Global, which forbid such leaks.

* Chrysler designers and engineers have revamped a poster
child for the company’s car trouble: the Sebring.

* Lawmakers aligned with the tea party are moving quickly
to show their strength by trying to ban budget earmarking in
the Senate, where support is still strong for the practice
critics deride as pork-barrel spending.

* Oklahoma is preparing to argue in court next week that a
drug used to euthanize animals can also be used to execute
death row inmates to confront a nationwide shortage of an
anesthetic used in executions.

PRESS DIGEST – Wall Street Journal – Nov 9