PREVIEW-Mexico Feb IP seen up, Jan GFI seen down

WHAT: Mexico industrial production for February; gross
fixed investment for January

WHEN: Monday, April 12, at 9 a.m. (1400 GMT)

REUTERS FORECAST: Median of estimate for industrial
production in February is a rise of 4.5 percent with 15
analysts forecasting a range of 2.67 to 5.17 percent. Median
gross fixed investment is seen down 4.0 percent, with 11
analysts seeing a range of a decline of 5.9 percent to a
decline of 1.43 percent.

FACTORS TO WATCH: Industrial output in January was lower
than the previous month, which both dampened hopes for a robust
economic recovery and took pressure off policy makers concerned
about inflation. Weak industrial output would likely extend the
timetable analysts expect for the central bank to raise its
benchmark lending rate. But stronger-than-expected
manufacturing growth could back up hopes for a solid recovery
this year.

Although it is a lagging indicator of Mexico’s economic
health, gross fixed investment offers a clue on confidence in
the industrial sector. A number that meets or beats forecasts
will likely be read as a sign of economic recovery.

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(Reporting by Lorena Segura; Editing by Leslie Adler)

PREVIEW-Mexico Feb IP seen up, Jan GFI seen down