PREVIEW-Mexico July jobless rate seen increasing

WHAT: Mexico jobless rate during July

WHEN: Wednesday, Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. (1400 GMT)

REUTERS FORECAST: Median 5.6 percent July vs 5.05 pct June
(MXUNR=ECI: ). Thirteen clients participated in the survey, and
the range was between 5.2 percent and 5.77 percent.

FACTORS TO WATCH: The expected increase in the jobless rate
would strike a new blow to the country’s weak recovery from one
of the steepest economic contractions seen anywhere in the
world last year.

It would also be a blow to President Felipe Calderon, who
is increasingly beleaguered by a surge in drug war killings.

Mexico’s manufacturing sector is showing signs of weakness
as U.S. demand for the country’s exports weakens.

At the same time, consumer spending, which was expected to
take up some of the slack left by factory weakness, remains
depressed. Rising unemployment would keep consumers down.

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(Reporting by Jean Luis Arce; Editing by Leslie Adler)

PREVIEW-Mexico July jobless rate seen increasing