Putin says Russia has overcome the economic crisis

The prime minister and president-elect of Russia, Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the country has moved beyond the crisis and its economy has surpassed levels before 2008, in his report on his four years in office as head of government before the Duma or chamber of deputies.

“As we planned, in early 2012 the Russian GDP exceeded the level before the crisis, which means that our economy has recovered from the fall of 2008, 2009 and part of 2010,” said the Prime Minister .

The report of Putin, who will assume the leadership of the Kremlin on 7 May, is broadcast live on Russian television.

“We will not embarrass these results: good results. Are results of the work not only government but also and especially the work of our people in the various sectors of production and social sphere,” he said.

He stressed that Russia overcome the “first crisis of the global world” is the result of the efforts of all forces of society, including the opposition.

“I think our main achievement is to stabilize (the economy) and the growth of Russia’s population, which in 2011 exceeded 143 million,” noted the Prime Minister.