Romania – Factors to Watch on Oct 15

BUCHAREST, Oct 15 (BestGrowthStock) – Here are news stories, press
reports and events to watch which may affect Romanian financial
markets on Friday.


Unions will protest each Friday against the government’s
austerity measures in front of the ruling Democrat Liberal
Party’s regional and county headquarters across Romania.


Thousands of Romanian finance ministry workers have stopped
work to protest against bonus cuts, a sign of growing popular
opposition to the government’s IMF-mandated austerity drive.


* The protest ended on Thursday afternoon after Finance
Minister Ialomitianu promised some performance-based bonuses for
employees for the last two months. Gandul, Page 3

** The finance ministry staff protest could extend to other


The no-confidence motion the opposition plans to file
against the government could be voted by six Democrat-Liberal
parliament members that plan to leave the party.

Democrat-Liberal senator Gabriel Mutu resigned from the
party on Thursday and joined the opposition Social Democrat
Party. Romania Libera, Page 3


Romania has stored enough gas supply to last it during the
winter, the economy ministry said in a statement.

* Romania launched on Thursday a gas pipeline that connects
it to neighbouring Hungary, allowing it to import gas from other
sources than Russia.


The cabinet may ask the IMF to allow it to cut the flat tax
to 12 percent from 16 percent, hike minimum wage to 720 lei and
reduce taxes to the social insurance budget to 41 percent from
the present 43.6 percent, sources close to negotiations said.

An IMF mission will be in Bucharest to review Romania’s 20
billion euros aid-deal from Oct. 20 to the beginning of
November. Jurnalul National, Page 9

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Romania – Factors to Watch on Oct 15