S.Africa COSATU sets conditions on support for ANC

* Tensions not caused by policy differences

* COSATU will not support corrupt leaders

By Phumza Macanda

JOHANNESBURG, Dec 4 (BestGrowthStock) – South Africa’s labour
federation COSATU on Saturday reaffirmed its support for the
ruling African National Congress party but said it would not
support leaders who are corrupt.

Tensions between the ANC and its labour ally COSATU have
increased in recent months as COSATU has been angered at the
government’s refusal to implement more left-leaning policies
including an expansive fiscal policy and looser monetary policy.

At a celebration rally to mark the union’s 25th anniversary,
COSATU President Sidumo Dlamini said the federation wanted to
strengthen the alliance and would continue to push for a
“fundamental transformation” of ANC policies.

“The tensions in the Alliance are often not caused by policy
difference but by lack of political will by government to
implement ANC and Alliance resolutions and the manifesto,” he

COSATU called state workers out on a strike in August that
lasted nearly a month and ended with the government agreeing to
wage increases of double the rate of inflation.

Relations between the two sides were further strained when
COSATU secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi said the union would
not support corrupt leaders in municipal elections next year,
raising speculation the union might form its own political party
and contest the elections.

The ANC needs COSATU’s vote-gathering ability, especially
among the poor, to retain control of many cities and provinces
in the municipal polls in Africa’s largest economy.

Dlamini said on Saturday that COSATU support for the ANC,
which has ruled since the end of apartheid in 1994, was not

“(We) have said that we will not give the ANC a blank cheque
and will refuse to campaign or support candidates known to be
corrupt or lazy,” he said.

“Yes, at times we have disagreements with the ANC government
and we even march against them when necessary. But no other
party could have imagined achieving as much as the ANC
government has,” he added.

South Africa holds municipal elections every five to six
(Editing by Tim Pearce)

S.Africa COSATU sets conditions on support for ANC