Samsung expected to record profit of $ 5.15 billion between January and March

Samsung Electronics, leading manufacturer of “smartphones” and chips in the world, expects to close the first quarter of this year with a record operating profit of 5,150 million dollars, according to the preliminary report released today by the company.

Samsung, the largest South Korean technology, calculated in this way increase during this period 96.6 percent annual operating profit, than the same period of 2011 stood at 2.95 trillion won (about 2,610 million).

The company, which did not specify its net profit forecast for the first quarter, said that operating profit from January to March increased 9.4 percent over the previous trimester.

Samsung, which will publish its official results of the first quarter on April 27, expects its sales from January to March have increased 21.7 percent year to 45 trillion won (39825000 dollars).

In this sense, global sales of its “smartphone” Galaxy S II reached 20 million units just 10 months after its launch, while its tablet Note Galaxy reached 5 million since coming to market in October, Samsung expects to double that figure later this year, according to local agency Yonhap.

The group main U.S. rival Apple in the market for “smartphones” and tablets, attributed its good sales growth in 2011 to its telecommunications division.

Specifically in 2011, Samsung Electronics had a net profit of 13.73 trillion won (12151000 dollars), 15 percent less than in 2010, despite achieving record sales driven by the success of their “smartphones “.

In addition, operating profit was about 16.25 trillion won (about 14,381,000 dollars), six percent from the previous year, according to results presented in late January by the reference value of Korean stock market.

Last year sales rose to a record 165 billion won (about 146.025 million dollars), seven percent more than last year, supported by marketing their smartphones.