Should I Invest Money in the Auto Industry?

canstockphoto15248664Most people instantly go to the property market when it comes to looking for something o invest their spare cash in. From putting money in an ISA to flirting with the stock market or buying shares, people are now trying out new places to invest their money hoping for a better ROI. With all these different investment opportunities to take advantage of, here’s why you should consider the automotive industry as an alternative place to invest your money:


A demand for cars is increasing across the globe. With more cars on the road than ever before, it makes logical sense to invest in a market that’s in demand constantly. Brands like Honda Motors have seen their stock value increase by 13.5% since January with an incredibly good cash flow, making it an ideal investment opportunity for those looking at investing in cars.


The vast scale of the automotive industry means there are a range of different sectors which you can invest in making it ideal for a range of different sized investments. There are people looking to buy cars outright and a number of different finance options available for those who’re looking for an alternative  An area of the industry which is doing particularly well at the moment and could make an ideal investment opportunity is leasing.  Leasing companies tend to have great returns and the amount of people leasing cars over buying them is increasing year on year making this an ideal area to consider.


On top of the different areas of financing a car there is to choose from, there’s also the incredible amount of different brands which you could consider investing in. From iconic car manufacturers like Ford to Honda and the array of different leasing companies that are out there, there’s investment opportunities for all budgets in the automotive industry. At Shelbourne Motors, you’ll be able to find amazing deals on a wide variety of rental cars from all of the top name brands to take a look at.

Investing in car brands and manufacturers is nothing new, it’s just that in previous years’ other investment opportunities have proven to be more attractive. However, with uncertainty over what the best investment opportunities are at present, the automotive industry seems to be a great option as it looks relatively stable with the ever-growing demand propelling an industry worth millions of pounds.