Skepticism in the stock market

Best Growth Stock – The skepticism of unstable market in Egypt disturbed the bigger stock markets including the U.S. stock, it outweighed the continuous profit making position of the stock market over several weeks, as the investors failed to project security as the oil prices observed soaring.

Various economists and analysts are trying to make efforts to bring out a clear cut reason of all this instability in Egypt. The reasons behind oil prices hike and soaring in rates of gold were also explained.

Street protests were one of the worst consequences of the soaring prices and market created a big commotion in the Egypt. Army took herculean efforts to take the situation under control. Curfew was also declared to curb down the same.

The instability of Egyptian market and the hike in the oil prices and the predictability of market situation in case of closer of Suez Canal which has very high possibility.The additional travelling of the oil to the western countries might further add to the cost with a considerable amount.With the projection of the news of closer of Suez Canal, the shares of tankers and shippers soared to a significant level. Almost 26% hike was observed in the same.

The stock market’s instability and fear among the investors reached its peak over a period of almost 2 months.Various analysts showed concern about the rallies of Egypt and skepticism in the market and fears and confusion in the minds of investors. Over a period of days, people got nervous to a great limit.

Gross domestic product, which is a benchmark of measuring the economic condition of a country, i.e., barometer of economy’s efficiency, is found to be at a high level over a period of few months. In various economies, consumer expenditure is observed to be lower than the demand rate of the economy over a period of 3-4 months.

Although GDP level is not very low but it is still not very low. Oil prices are soaring high these days and there is predictability of more hikes in prices. Even gold prices are facing a hike in prices. Software companies saw a little decline in the stock prices. Securities of various software companies dropped for a

considerable rate over a short period of time.

The last 4 months of the previous year saw a soaring in the earnings of the oil companies. However, their earnings are still not up to the prediction of the analysts and stock market investors. The market hubs of the world like U.S. stocks observed a fall on Friday as per the reports of various analysts and economists. Automobile companies also observed an unpredictable fall in their earnings. Although the year brought an optimistic approach to the investors seeking a hike in the profitability. Various drug companies are also coming out with profit this time. Although, it is still not up to the expectations and a further hike is a high possibility. As they are coming with new innovations for treatment of certain types of diseases.