Sony investigates a new attack, what can you do?

Best Growth Stock – Only a month after suffering which was considered the largest attack Internet history, Sony could be facing a new crisis of security. A group of hackers claims to have stolen more than a million passwords, phones to bank account details and particular.

The self-styled group LulzSec said that he managed to access information ranging from physical addresses to dates of birth and other data from customers of Sony Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony America web site.

The ciber pirates hung on its website the information allegedly obtained, although still not sure if it is authentic or not. Meanwhile, Sony investigates what has happened and has not yet confirmed the veracity of the attack.

The hackers claim that the data obtained were not encrypted. “With a single entry, we had access to everything”, they point out. “Why put (customers) so much confidence in a company that allows their data to be exposed to these simple attacks?”, ask.

In April, Sony suffered a similar computer blow in the network of PlayStation game that left the data bank of millions of users vulnerable and stole information from more than 77 million accounts. As a result had to suspend some of its services for almost a month.

The BBC journalist Mardon Clive, noted that “Although this attack is much smaller, it has caused again a bleeding of sensitive information”. Many of the possible affected wonder if there is something they can do.

Change the passwords of other Web sites

One of the most worrisome issues when steal data is to be used for pirating other internet services that have users.

Many people use the same username and same password on different websites which is a customer, as for example banking online and e-mail.

Data such as date of birth or the maiden name of the mother, who also have been stolen, are often used to verify identity. It is possible that the pirates try to use the obtained information to try to access these other web pages.

For this reason, one of the recommendations for those affected is to change both passwords and security questions that they have on other internet sites and that would be the same as that used in Sony Pictures.

Eye with the request for more data

Another thing that can happen then is that the criminals be made passing through its banks or other companies of trust employees to, using information they already have, get new data.

These contacts can occur via telephone, e-mail and postal mail. The Council is not never answer a message or a call in which requested numbers of account, pins or other private data.

If the pirates managed bank details, such as the number of the customer’s credit card, you can the occurrence of robberies.

Therefore recommended that the possible affected check their bank movements frequently and are aware of any unusual transaction. Any doubt, the best thing is to quickly get in touch with the Bank.