Starting a Business: 6 Reasons to Ask for Help

The time has come and you have finally decided to start that business. You have been mulling it over for years, learned the craft, and perfected the product. In many ways, it feels like the hardest part is done. You know exactly what product or service you’re going to deliver. However, the true challenge begins. Anyone looking to start a business has had to ask the same questions at one point or another. What is a DBA or “doing business as?” How do you create a website? Do you need to learn SEO?

These are only a few questions out of hundreds, if not thousands. Learning to navigate the internet to find answers to your questions is the majority of the fight. Do not mince these words, the internet is great and provides millions with vital answers. However, the internet isn’t the only way to get the job done. It is easy to forget that running a business is about people, and people are treasure troves of information too. Here are five reasons why you should ask for help when starting a business.


On a granular level, it can be said that every problem, situation, or business faces unique challenges. While many solutions appear universal, it does require work to implement them in ways that work best for your business. Asking for help can help put those solutions in context. For example, you have questions about managing your businesses finances so you turn to the internet. Every business faces a unique battle when it comes to finances, and your solution must be tailor-made. Asking for help can help give context to what you have learned online.

People Skills

Many things cannot be learned in a book. The way that you talk to customers, investors, and associates is one of those things. At the end of the day, starting and running a successful business is about people. It would make sense that when the time comes to ask for help, you should consult with people. Giving advice to another person is a skill that’s learned and requires tact.

Learning Differently

During a child’s formative years, they learn quickly that people learn differently. Some are hands-on learners, some aren’t, but everyone has different ways of learning best. The same applies here. Asking for help, whether from a consultant or colleague, is another way of learning. Seeing solutions from different mediums can help cement the knowledge and provide a depth of understanding.

Saves Time

Being an independent learner is great for those who can spend hours on end learning something new. However, there is a large population of people who aren’t. It takes a strongly self-motivated person to dig through the internet in search of answers. Asking for help from others who have been in that situation saves time. What can be learned in days or weeks can be boiled down into hours with the right teacher. You can receive realtime feedback on areas that you are mistaken, and as a result, learn quicker.


Getting outside helps takes the problems that you face and gives them another perspective. Sometimes seeing a problem a different way could help create new solutions. Getting different perspectives on something is a good way to grow in new directions. Everyone has a different collection of experiences, judgments, and opinions. This is one of the hardest things for anyone to do, especially a business owner, for we all see things differently. Perspective matters. In this instance, it can mean the difference between profit or loss.


The internet is such a vast expansive network that can feel isolating at times. Spending hours on end trudging through data or watching videos can make you feel detached. Getting help in person can help motivate you. People have a way of infusing charisma, hope, and energy into the things that you do. It can be helpful to harness this motivation by asking for help when you’re stuck. It is normal to go through periods of poor productivity. However, as an entrepreneur, it is important to overcome it. One of the best ways to do that is by employing others to help you. Learn from how they have overcome their challenges and embrace the power of a network.