Steve Jobs “testify” This Week in suit against Apple

The late founder of technology giant Apple, Steve Jobs, will have a starring role in the trial against the company that starts tomorrow in Oakland (California), in which the plaintiffs will use emails and video statement Jobs.

The class action is related to the old Apple iPod music players, which could originally only play music purchased from iTunes, store multimedia company based in Cupertino (California).

Customers who bought songs in one of the rival stores could not reproduce the old iPod, a policy that has changed since then but led a class action lawsuit accuses Apple of anticompetitive practices.

It is estimated that the Cupertino company, which last week exceeded 700,000 billion market capitalization would have to pay about $ 350 million of losing his mind.

The plaintiffs hope that emails written by Steve Jobs and recorded testimony before his death play an important role in the antitrust case.

“We will present evidence that Apple took action to block its competitors and, in the process, harm competition and consumers,” he said in remarks to The New York Times Bonny Sweeney, lead counsel for the prosecution.

Some of the emails that are expected to be used in the trial are already p├║blicos.En one, sent in 2003 to other executives at Apple, Jobs expressed concern Musicmatch, a software company that had opened his music store .

“We need to ensure that when Music Match launches its music store to download can not be used on the iPod. Will that be a problem?” Asks Jobs in the above e.

It is expected to executives who come to testify is Philip Schiller, Apple’s head of marketing and Eddy Cue, responsible for iTunes and other digital services company.