Sweden summons Israel ambassador on flotilla deaths

STOCKHOLM (BestGrowthStock) – Sweden summoned Israel’s ambassador on Monday to explain the deaths of 10 pro-Palestinian activists during a raid on a Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza, describing the incident as unacceptable.

Israel’s storming of the ship put an end to a bid by international campaigners, including 11 Swedes, to break its blockade of the Gaza Strip and triggered a diplomatic crisis as friends and foes alike criticized the action.

“What has happened is unacceptable and even more serious given that it happened on international waters,” said Frank Belfrage, an official at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in a statement.

“There needs to be a strong European reaction.”

Bestselling Swedish author Henning Mankell was among the Swedes who joined the international flotilla attempting to break the blockade, but he was not aboard the Turkish aid ship raided by Israeli commandos.

“At least two Swedes were on board the Turkish aid ship” which was raided, Mikael Lofgren, a spokesman for the Swedish Ship to Gaza organization, told Reuters. “No Swedes were injured, as far as we know.”

Sofia, the ship which Mankell was aboard, had docked at the Israeli port of Ashdod, but it was unclear whether the author had disembarked, he said.

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Sweden summons Israel ambassador on flotilla deaths