Tai Lopez: The Self-Made Business Guru

Who is Tai Lopez? If you are an entrepreneur, you would have heard about Tia Lopez, the successive entrepreneur and stockholder. This man owns the biggest book-shipping club in the universe and has more than 10 million supporters and subscribers across different social media platforms.

It is a known fact that entrepreneurs sometimes find it difficult to turn their dreams into reality. Failure has caused many to retreat into the background for good, while others use their failure as a bridge to realize their goals. Some want instant success so they can gain immediate celebrity status. Learn about Lopez’s fascinating life story on  https://www.traffictsunami.com/tai-lopez-review/ and get a picture of the years of struggle before success came to him.  A life story that is a reminder to others that they can be successful if they can rise above their failures.

Tai Lopez’s Life Story

Born in Long Beach, California, Lopez was raised by his mother and grandmother due to his father’s imprisonment. At age 6 Tai started his entrepreneurial activities, which was selling cherry tomatoes.

Admittedly, there were many setbacks but he never doubted that he was born to be great. Among his business ventures was the setting up of a lemonade stand. With a string of customers supporting his lemonade stand, he discovered that money could be earned this way.

What inspired Lopez

Having grown up in a low socio-economic neighborhood, Lopez realized that it was easier to read books than to be with his peers. Reading was his way to escape from the real world. A habit which he still practices today and a day never goes by without him reading a book.

His interest in reading had the biggest influence on his teenage years. Living in a neighborhood plagued by gang violence, Lopez studied the traditional teachings of Aristotle, which helped him survive those difficult years.

He thought of enrolling in college but changed his mind after realizing that it would be more beneficial if he travelled the world. After saving enough money to pay his travelling expenses, he took an extensive tour of more than 50 countries.

Broke and Homeless

After returning from his travels Tai Lopez was broke. He was not only broke with less than $50 to his name, but was homeless as well. He reached out to his mother who took him in. While there, feelings of hopelessness plagued him but instead of moping, Lopez decided to find a way to make his life more meaningful. Then inspiration came when he opened the Yellow Pages of a local newspaper. There, in the finance section was the most noteworthy advertisement, so he decided to visit the advertiser. The next day, putting on his best clothes, Tai Lopez went and offered to work without pay if the man would mentor him.

That decision was the turning point in Lopez’s life. This was a brand-new start that opened the way for him to share his experiences with the hope that other struggling entrepreneurs could learn from it.

His success was remarkable. In less than 10 years this man                                                                                                                                                                  moved from being penniless to being a millionaire and appeared on The Millionaire Matchmaker show of 2008. Read more here

Business Opportunities

As he expanded his business horizon, Tia Lopez became fully entrenched in making a mark in the financial world. Let’s look at his successful business pursuits:

  • Although Tai Lopez was a college dropout, he was able to work at GE Capital as a result of the experiences and the mentorship he received. The future was looking bright. Later, Tai became a Certified Financial Planner.
  • He co-founded LLG Financial Inc, a company which later managed 100 million dollars with a U.S client base of 6,000 persons. Tai remained with the company up until 2007 and then moved out to launch his entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Lopez was also the owner of the dating site Elite Global Dating, a business venture that propelled his wealth providing him with the opportunity of helping others. Throughout 2015 his business portfolio embraced other dating websites such as EliteFling, EliteMeet and EliteMillionaires.
  • He makes sponsorship money from his podcast.
  • In 2014, he initiated “The Tai Lopez Show” that features several promoters such as LightStream, NetSuite, StockX, TalkSpace and ZipRecruiter among others. The monthly average number of downloads is about 100,000.
  • Lopez also became the proprietor of a Hollywood nightclub.
  • In 2014, he started developing and selling online courses, which include his leading 67 Steps Program. This particular section of his portfolio is linked to his Amazon account that generates commissions for the advice he offers on his websites.
  • The online courses are his main revenue suppliers. The number of lessons is in excess of a dozen, inclusive of Amazon Sales Blueprint, Mini MBA Academy, Real Estate Mentor Program, Sales Mastery Blackbelt and Social Media Marketing.
  • He owns 50 per cent of MentorBox, a company which he founded. This company produces monthly revenues amounting to roughly 1.5 million dollars. This is a subscription program that takes monthly lessons to a customer at home at the same cost as a streaming video service.
  • His podcast is an income generator. He works with affiliate marketers and is in partnership with Swanwick, a company that sells blue-light shield glasses. These glasses can help to encourage improved nighttime sleep or help to maintain your focus while working on your computer.

Inspiring others on the road to Success

While many have accused him of amassing wealth through scamming, the fact is, the man is a millionaire. Since 2008, Tai Lopez has been offering sound advice, advertising strategies, and exceptional perceptions to whoever is interested. His struggles during his early life and the way he has risen above his failures, have provided him with more insight. From his proven successes, he has been able to encourage and mobilize others to go in search of their own success.

With more than 200,000 persons taking the 67 Steps Program, Lopez has taught others that it doesn’t matter how destitute your situation, you can rise above it and become a success.

This is a classic “from rags to riches” story, that is worth repeating.