Ten things that indicate it is time to change jobs

If you are not learning the things he wants and is not growing professionally, it may be time to change jobs. BestGrowthStock.com make a list with all the symptoms that reveal when the time has come.

1. Is not learning anything new

Yes, you already know how to do all the work. But it’s good to be learning, otherwise they’re not growing professionally.

If you have left to learn on the job, it’s time to find a new directions and develop new skills and get that professional growth that we need.

2. Never wake up excited to go to work

This is the first sign that their work is becoming a problem. If you are a person who wakes up every morning, Monday to Friday and Saturday, if it also works without feeling a thrill of going to work, start preparing your resume to find a new job.

Waking up with no desire means it is not enjoying his job and is reducing their quality of life. If you wake up every day and the fear of going to work, it is time to consider new horizons.

3. You spend more time surfing the internet doing their job

When you are at work, is supposed to be productive. Otherwise, it is becoming a waste of time and money for the company.

If you are bored and surfing the Internet, most of their working day, you may need to consider other employment options where they have more incentives and responsibilities.

4. Most of his colleagues did not like them

Normally, in the workplace there are always one or two office mates that most people can not bear. But if you do not want to most of its peers, it is likely that his days are not very nice.

If this is happening, it’s time to think about finding a company whose employees are more congenial to you.

5. Not enough money to pay its obligations

If you are working over the account and do not pay enough to pay your bills, you may be overqualified and underpaid in the current position. If so, it is good to find a job where you pay what you deserve.

At this point we should clarify that if the reason is not enough money is not having a proper handling of personal finances, you have to do is check this site more often.

6. Spend time looking for other jobs

If you spend enough time looking for other jobs while waiting for the end of the workday, it is obvious he wants to quit his job. So keep looking for a new post that will surely find one that fits your needs.

7. It has not gotten a raise in the last two years

If you to make an objective assessment is that makes their job conscientiously and that the company has profited by it, deserves to be rewarded.

After this, if your boss has not given up the last two years, ask for one. If not, it’s time to find a better place to work.

8. Your boss is a nightmare

Sometimes the heads seem to be as good and in some cases are not the darlings of their subordinates. But if your boss becomes a nightmare, takes advantage of his time and not communicative, it is definitely time to find a new job. Read also: Disclaimer: where was the boss?

9. The company does not give good results

In times of recession, sales of the company down, but this does not translate into an imminent danger to workers. However, if the business takes several periods of recession and can not leave it, it would be good place to move your resume to other companies, before running out of their jobs.

10. You live stressed all the time

By spending most of his life in the work, must learn to enjoy it and not be stressed all the time. If you spend most of their days stressed out by what happens in the office, you are not in the right job.