The Best SEO Strategies for Forex Traders

Creating a successful Forex trading website has the potential to be extremely lucrative. However, this industry is very competitive. Many established Forex-related website owners realised early that the internet was the perfect medium to increase leads, customers and profits.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the online marketing strategies that’s used to great effect by established Forex-related websites. Despite this, other Forex traders can still succeed online by using the following SEO strategies.

Create a High Quality Forex Related Content Website

On the internet, content is king. It’s no longer effective to spam potential customers or publish sub-standard content. If you go down the content route, this strategy has to be well thought out. The platform you use has to have all the features your customers expect in a modern Content Management System (CMS) or blog. It has to look great, be manageable, responsive and easy to navigate.

When you add content, it has to be well researched, well written and extremely useful. Otherwise website visitors will leave and never come back. Plan your posts. Publishing a few posts here and there isn’t good enough. You have to commit to posting regularly. You should also promote interaction with your website visitors. This has become more important in recent years because some search engines favour websites with more social activity.

Complete On-page Optimisation

Writing great content isn’t enough these days. You need to optimise each page you publish. This includes the following:

  • Writing lengthy, relevant, useful content.
  • Adding and optimising images.
  • Adding videos.
  • Optimising for a specific Forex keyword.
  • Including related keywords.
  • Adding headers (H1 and H2).
  • Linking to other pages on your website.
  • Linking to external webpages.
  • Adding tags.

Once you regularly publish high quality posts and optimise each one, your website stands a greater chance of generating more targeted visitors, interested in what you have to offer.

Now that you’ve setup a high quality content website, it’s time to focus on optimisation strategies that take place externally.

Focus on External SEO Strategies

When it comes to SEO, it’s possible to benefit from the popularity of other websites. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Forex forums, social media sites, blogs and other Forex-related websites that publish content are the perfect places to add your content. Many of these websites also let you add a link to your website.

If done correctly, this can be an extremely powerful SEO strategy. You can also hire professionals who will provide a link building service that also improves rankings and sends new visitors to your website.

Create Forex-related Videos and Images

Videos and images are extremely effective ways to transmit a message on the internet. They are easy to share and you can add links from them, back to your website. You can also publish them on your own website.

Submit Guest Posts

Writing and submitting a guest post to someone else’s website is a fast and effective way to reach new audiences and improve the status of your website. This tactic is all about give and take. You provide high quality Forex-related content for another website owner and they let you add a link back to your website in this content.

As you’re probably well aware, the Forex industry is extremely competitive. However, implementing the SEO strategies above will greatly increase the likelihood of success.