The Future of Remote Work

In 2020 much of America’s workforce has shifted to working from home because of a global pandemic. Once the pandemic is past and gathering together is safe, will these jobs revert to 40+ hours worked at the office? Maybe not. There are several things to consider as you evaluate your own work setup in the future.

Remote Work Isn’t for Everyone

There are many advantages to working from home, but some people prefer to work at the office when given a choice. Working from the office allows for socialization throughout the day, and also makes it easier for people to collaborate. In addition, many people like having commute time to mentally shift into and out of work mode. There are definitely advantages to both work scenarios.

A Hybrid Solution Might Work

The conversation is often posed as either/or, but many employers and employees are realizing that flexible work locations can offer the best of both worlds. Workers can have uninterrupted work time during at-home days to tackle projects that require greater focus. When they’re in the office, people can collaborate and socialize. Whether the location split has a fixed schedule or is adjusted as needed, having the option for work to happen in both places can benefit everyone.

Remote Work Infrastructure now Exists

Even when working at the office is the default, employees may now be able to work on days that they have to be home for various reasons, such as caring for a sick child. The current pandemic has shown that many jobs can be done from home or other locations. Now that the infrastructure is in place to support this, there can be flexibility in the future. Fewer missed work days leading to increased productivity is a possibly unforeseen benefit to companies having had to figure out remote work capabilities.

When the world begins to recover from the current pandemic, it may seem inevitable that work life will look just like it did before, but it’s possible that some type of working from home setup might be beneficial even when it’s not required.