The Top Crypto Cards: What to Know

Want to close the gap between your legacy banking and your digital assets? Do you want all the bennies you would get from holding your funds in cryptocurrencies? Do you like having the flexibility to convert your cash at an ATM or spend it in just the same way you can spend your fiat money? Then the crypto card is for you! But of course, you only want the best crypto card. But what are the best crypto cards?

Don’t hoard your Bitcoin like some kind of cyber dragon! Use one of these great crypto cards to spend your hard-earned Bitcoin and put the economy back on track!

Highly-Rated Crypto Cards – This one is at the top of everyone’s list because they have a card suited for every individual’s needs and tastes. You can use this card for everything from a cup of coffee to a brand new luxury car. If you don’t want to stake any MCO and the idea of 1% MCO rewards on all spending sounds good to you, then you might want to look into the entry-level Midnight Blue card. The next step up is the Ruby card which comes with 2% rewards and a free Spotify subscription.

 Nexo –  Want to max up your crypto portfolio’s worth? Not all that interested in investing? Nexo might be your speed. You can use it anywhere that accepts Master Card, Nexo’s parent company. It’s a relatively trouble-free card requiring no monthly or yearly trading fees or credit checks or long application processes. However, there is a 5.9 percent base-rate APR for all transactions. The frequent traveler will enjoy being able to make payments in the local currencies, all without needing to deal with those annoying foreign exchange fees.

Visa Crypto Cards

Monolith – Like the Visa that sponsors them, the Monolith is everywhere you want to be. Wherever you want to invest your crypto, there you are. If you need to keep track of your expenses (Kids getting into your wallet?) the Monolith software will allow you to monitor your expenses as well as get free access to the open-source Monolith non-custodial wallet. No more nasty surprises when you get your bill! The cashback rate is only 2% and there are no credit checks or long application processes required. However, they do have a pesky “no Yanks” policy.

TheBlockCard – Here’s another good option from Visa. You will find that it comes already loaded is a most similar manner to many of the other cards on this list with crypto. If you’re looking for that elusive crypto card that matches up with Apple and Google Pay, you are in luck! Users, including Americans, will love the fact that there is no deposit exchange or withdrawal charges. While the subscription fee is five dollars a month (not all that high to start with) this can be waived if you spend over $750 a month at POS merchants. That’s a pretty good deal.

Wirex  – Visa comes through again with another great crypto card; for customers in Europe and Singapore. If that works for you, you will find that Wirex supports a great collection of coins and fiat currencies. Wirex delivers a quite significantly heightened level of security for a debit card. The card features irrepressible and innovative fraud detection technologies that allow you to comfortably manage your digital finance. With a requirement to stake around $500 worth of WXT, this card is for the big spender. But, if you got it, flaunt it.

Crypto cards offer a new, world-changing step in transactions by easing the method of holding, exchanging, and spending cryptocurrencies. There is quite a myriad of different circumstances to keep in mind when selecting yours. Hopefully, this useful guide has helped you to make your choice just a little easier.