Three-year-old boy falls to his death from rollercoaster

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A 3-year-old boy freed himself from a safety harness. stood up and fell to his death from a roller coaster he was riding with his family at a Chicago suburban amusement park, authorities confirmed on Sunday.

Jayson Dansby, of Chicago suburb Dolton, was sitting near the front of the moving “Python Pit” roller coaster with his twin brother at the Go Bananas amusement park about 15 miles northwest of Chicago when he freed himself and fell, Norridge Police Chief James Jobe said.

The family watched the tragedy at around 7 p.m. local time Saturday night and Dansby was pronounced dead of head injuries after his fall, Jobe said.

State inspectors immediately closed the ride and are scheduled to return Sunday to complete a thorough inspection of the ride and park.

“The village has pulled the park’s business license and they are not allowed to operate until the park’s rides are completely inspected,” Jobe said.

Height requirements are not posted near the ride but Dansby met the park’s height requirements, which are posted at the park’s entrance, Jobe said. A preliminary investigation did not find any equipment malfunction but said that will be the focus of ongoing inspections by the State officials.

Jim Hayes, General Manager of the Go Bananas amusement park, said he regrets the tragedy.

“We are very sorry about the incident that occurred and we are cooperating with the investigation that is underway,” Hayes said.

(Reporting by Eric Johnson; Editing by Greg McCune)

Three-year-old boy falls to his death from rollercoaster